Automatic Lavatory Mounted Foam Dispenser

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Spout Cover Assembly — Bright Polished chrome plated plastic with LED light indicators. Red blinking LED indicates soap
level is low, Yellow blinking LED indicates battery life is low. Equipped with integral plastic shank.
Capacity: 800ml. Foam Soap
Motor Assembly: Water resistant, plastic construction, fits onto bottom of shank and top of soap refill.
Soap Refill: OneShot® Soap Refill. Translucent, shatter-resistant polyethylene bottle. Includes new supply tube and pump mechanism in each refill. Soap refill available in 27-fl oz (800ml) and 54-fl oz (1600ml) capacities.
Optional Spacer: Plastic spacer is included for mounting dispenser when sink rim is ¾” (19mm)high or greater.

B-8263 Category: Brand:
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