Koala Kare Booster Buddy with Strap

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Utility: Designed for restaurants, theatres, and beauty salons, Koala Booster Buddies make it possible for kids to enjoy their experience as much as adults.
Material: Seamless polyethylene seat is durable and easy to maintain and clean.
Feature: Handle is built-in for portability and storage. Dual seating sides offer a 6” (15.2 cm) lift on one side and a 4” (10.2 cm) lift on the other side. Features a built in cup and snack holder. Rubber feet aid in secure seat placement. Strap allows booster to be attached to an adult chair.
Colours: Black (02), Red (03), Blue (04)
Individual Seat Dimensions: 16¼” W x 7½” H x 11½” D (413 x 191 x 292 mm)

KB116 Category: Brand:
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